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ChristyPalooza Merchandise

It’s finally here!  The true purpose of ChristyPalooza!  The last birthday I remember before my mother passed away, was very memorable. I was away at school and had decided not to come home for my birthday. I told her that it was no big deal and that it was just another birthday. She became very irritated and told me to never say that again!  She said that every birthday was to be celebrated because it indicated another year that God has blessed me to be here!  That conversation was the inspiration for what we now know as #ChristyPalooza. Not only did she inspire me to celebrate, she also was the queen of giving to others. 

Even though #ChristyPalooza is all about fun, the original intent was to grow in service. 

This brings me to where we are today!  ChristyPalooza will be sponsoring service projects in hopes of making a difference in this complicated world. Please follow us as we embark on the wonderful journey of service!!! Proceeds from ChristyPalooza merchandise sales will go toward these projects!